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From ten to a thousand times faster than all other enterprise search technologies

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Bulls-eye Relevance

Bull's-eye Relevance

Precise results every search, every time

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Scale Matters

Scale Matters

Search Four BILLION documents on a single server

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Unsurpassed ROI

Unsurpassed ROI

Greater performance with 90% less hardware

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Healthcare Products

IMAT - Integrated Medical Analytics Technology is an integrated Medical Analytics solution that includes a medical data warehouse and provides a complete solution that leverages relevant and comprehensive clinical and administrative information across the healthcare enterprise. IMAT’s Clinical Reporting, Medical Research, Clinical Analytics, and Clinical Document Improvement (CDI) modules help improve outcomes and operational efficiency within the healthcare environment.
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Big Data Products

Search Engine SDK for OEM and appliance products and solutions enable Perfect Search to meet your search technology needs, delivering tremendous cost-savings.
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The Perfect Search powered by Fujitsu Private Cloud Platform appliance gives our customers the consolidated power to globally federate, index, and search their entire cloud network; Perfect Search breaks down the pain-causing data silos.-  Vic Herring
Vice President Sales and Marketing
Fujitsu Frontech North America


Healthcare Solutions

Clinical Reporting
IMAT's Clinical Reporting provides accurate and relevant information to support all institutional, federal, state, and industry reporting requirements.
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Medical Research

IMAT's Medical Research solution provides all the required functionality to identify the safety and effectiveness of treatment regimens.
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Clinical Analytics

IMAT's Clinical Analytics is a business intelligence solution that provides healthcare organizations with the technology to improve patient outcomes.
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Big Data Solutions

Perfect Search's Engine is Unmatched

Our index and query technology radically improves performance and scalability, while maintaining sub-second response times. With performance that is orders of magnitude beyond competitor's technologies, Perfect Search’s advanced technology indexes and queries both structured and unstructured data.
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Game-Changing Technology

This breakthrough search engine software technology provides unrivaled speed, precision and performance. Our unmatched scalability delivers significant cost savings. Far surpassing traditional search technology, Perfect Search provides an index and search solution to meet the challenge of our exploding digital universe.
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Dell Technology Partner
Perfect Search is the only search technology certified as a Dell Technology Partner.
Paired with the Dell DX Object Storage Platform, the Perfect Search Appliance (PSA) enables customers to find their stored data with unmatched speed and precision.