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The search industry is evolving and semantic search is one of several (relatively) new iterations. It's not really new at all, as this blog on search taxonomy and user intent points out. Now, the author, David Colgate, doesn't come out and say that what he's talking about is a type of semantic search. He does however point out that understanding what the user is looking for--and fulfilling an informational need--is at the heart of SEO.
"The syntax and semantics of these queries is hugely complex and dynamic. So to understand user intent, it is useful if we categorize them into classes so that we can easily classify query types and provide context." [source]
He goes on to talk about the various types of classifications: Navigational, informational and transactional. Informational queries, Colgate says, represent up to 50% of all searches. "The user is intending to find static information they assume is available. However, they do not know exactly where they can find it."

Over at Clickz, author Kathleen Fealy talks about how small business owners don't understand SEO and the need to redefine the field.

Perhaps SEO pros just need to get back to the basics. At the heart of any SEO strategy is fulfilling an informational need.


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