What do the Bloom Box and the Perfect Search Appliance have in common?

Posted on: Wednesday, March 02, 2011 by Website Admin | 0 Comments
Both are powerful green business solutions. The Bloom Box is being hailed as a "Holy Grail of a power source." Bloom Energy is about to go public with its "power plant in a box" that, according to reports, is already being used by major corporations such as eBay and FedEx. eBay says the Bloom Boxes provide five times as much energy as they use.

What does this have to do with Perfect Search? It all goes back to providing enterprises reduced cost through improved energy efficiency. The Perfect Search Appliance has been proven to reduce server demand and subsequently, energy demand as well.

As the data explosion continues to be a heavy burden for enterprise, businesses will depend on these and other green technologies to lighten the load. Check out what Perfect Search software engineer, Lynn Bendixsen, has to say about what makes Perfect Search "green" technology.


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