The Value of Data is in its Usefulness

Posted on: Tuesday, July 12, 2011 by anonymous | 0 Comments
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The data explosion is no longer a possibility; it is a reality. In a recent post, Bill Ives discusses what this explosion will mean for enterprises.

According to Ives, enterprises will experience a 50 times increase of data over the next decade. He also makes the point that there are an increasing number of software solutions, which make the managing of data less costly. These work to enable organizations to store the information without having to invest in more hardware.

Another concern, Ives points out, is that companies want to be able to extract value from these stores of data. Not so long ago we touched on this subject as it relates to collaboration within the organization. Business Intelligence teams are employed to find the valuable information, but IT teams seemed to be working against this goal.

I suppose the question is how long will it take for BI and IT to get on the same page and work together to make the most sense out of the massive data sets? As we all know, data is only as valuable as it is useful.


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