OneBox Extender (OBX)

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Double the Performance and Double the Capacity at Half the Price

Perfect Search's OneBox Extender (OBX) delivers this when compared to the Google Search Appliance (GSA). Perfect Search super-charges your existing GSA, providing a cost effective, high-scalability solution.

One Perfect Search Appliance Can Search Over 1 Billion Documents

The largest GSA can search only 30 million documents. Perfect Search super-charges your existing GSA, providing a cost effective, high scalability solution.

     +     =  Scalability

The OBX solves everything the Perfect Search Appliance (PSA) solves PLUS greatly extends the capacity of the GSA.

GSA Pain Points

Let us show you how Perfect Search's OBX can solve these GSA pain points:

  • Google's inability to search large email and databases
  • Google's difficulty in searching structured data
  • Google's inability to effectively scale
  • Google's high price tag
  • Google's limited capacity due to their document count policy

OBX Features & Benefits

OBX Feature


Expanding Google's Functionality Allows users to use the Google interface to reach untapped content repositories
Full-featured Provides user with every feature of the Perfect Search Appliance (PSA)
Speed Indexes and searches massive amounts of data at blazing speeds
Scalability Allows the Google Search Appliance to have a bigger footprint within the enterprise, accessing large databases, email archives, etc.
Enhanced Search Indexes, searches and retrieves all content–up to a billion structured or unstructured records at high speed
Cost-effective Search Provides the ability to search massive data sets, with price based on document size rather than document count
Hyper-federation Quickly searches across multiple data repositories and multiple platforms; high performance connectors support most major file types
Perpetual License License does not expire
Crawlers Schedule crawlers at low-traffic times
Plug & Play Easy to install and use
Look & Feel of Google Screens Minimal learning curve

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OBX Specifications

The Perfect Search OBX sits alongside the GSA and expands its scalability to access large amounts of data. This rack-mounted 2-unit (2U) search appliance can be configured with Linux or Windows OS.

OBX models–Base, High Availability (redundant) and Turbo-charged–are designed to accommodate system sizes ranging from 50 to 5,000 GB, with customized appliances available. Redundant server is either standard or an option, depending upon the model selection.

How the OBX Works

How the OBX Works

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