Perfect Search Appliance (PSA)

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Perfect Search Appliance (PSA)

The Industry's Most Powerful Search Appliance

Search over a billion documents on a single server. Perfect Search is a powerful and economical solution, even compared to sluggish open-source solutions.

10 Times the Capacity and 10 to 1000 Times the Query Speed of the Google Search Appliance

A stand-alone solution, the Perfect Search Appliance enables massive enterprise-wide searches at blistering speeds for both structured and unstructured data, including databases, email and content management repositories, and over 100 file types.

PSA Features & Benefits

PSA Feature


High Speed Queries Up to 100 QPS–increases search speed up to 10x over traditional solutions
High Search Precision Innovative, patented software technology provides high query
precision and recall, enabling users to find the information they
need when they need it
Affordable Scalability Reduces number of costly servers (energy and replacement cost savings) and offers room to grow; provides the ability to affordably search ALL content
Hyper-federation Search across multiple data repositories and platforms to create a single optimized index searchable with a single query
Plug & Play Easy to install and use with minimal learning curve
Pricing Based on total data size, not document count limits
White Label Option Brand the PSA as your own

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PSA Specifications & Competitors

PSA Specifications:

The PSA is a stand-alone, rack-mounted 2-unit (2U) search appliance can be configured with Linux  or Windows OS.

PSA models–Base, High Availability and Turbo-charged–are designed to accommodate system sizes ranging from 50 to 5,000 GB, with customized larger capacity appliances. Because of the wide range of PSA models, Perfect Search provides affordable search to enterprises of all sizes. Model variations provide a redundant server either standard or as an option.

The Competition:

The PSA is an affordable solution with high-performance connectors, unlike the GSA and Thunderstone's appliances that are expensive to scale and feature weak connectors.

How the PSA works:

How the PSA works

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